Blue Sunshine – Custom LSD Blotter Contest – Are you a winner??

As anyone who has minimal knowledge of popular culture, it is not a secret that throughout the course of recreational and mind expanding drug use, the ingredients and or final product, can turn out to be way more of a ‘TRIP’, than one may have hoped for. From the well known bad “Brown” acid at the Woodstock festival, to a bad sugar cube at a Grateful Dead concert, all the way to your buddy’s high school party, where your ‘trip’ just went wrong, all of these have one thing in common, – BAD ACID!!

Now if you have not yet seen, Jeff Lieberman’s, 1977 classic, BLUE SUNSHINE, than your probably in the dark. But this incredibly entertaining tale of dormant killer acid that awakens after a decade of use, is by far one of a kind. And it is toward the end of the film that we see a warning that 250 hits of this LSD are still unaccounted for. SEE SCREEN GRAB BELOW.

Blue Sunshine_HD_GRAB69

As part of this amazing and limited collector’s Blu Ray package, we have designed a custom card with LSD blotter art. EVERY blu ray comes with these custom tabs, which look just like this, and maybe with a slight variation, but both are blue and vertical nature.

These Tabs are considered safe and there are 990 of them. Keep this as a collectible. If you get these, they do not qualify for a free Custom Tee – shirt.


But there are only 10 total Tabs of blotter art that bear the images of what we know are deemed deadly LSD hits.

DO NOT KEEP THESE, THEY CAN CAUSE MAJOR CHROMOSOMAL DAMAGE. Out of the first batch of 1000 Blu Rays, only 10 of these were included. Please look and check carefully at your package.

These 10 LSD Blotter Tabs are deemed to be Deadly and can cause chromosomal damage. If you have one of these tabs in your package, you win a free custom designed Blue Sunshine Tee- shirt.

In order to make sure none of our valued fans and customers ingest these tabs, we have decided to offer a Free and custom designed tee shirt, in exchange for these BAD LSD hits. We are sorry that they slipped by us, and it is imperative that we get them back so we can destroy them.

Your LSD hits, must exactly match one of these 10 hits, so please use the images of the blotter acid,  to determine wether you have bad LSD, and wether your a free tee contest winner or not.

If you have one of these hits, please hold onto it, and send us an email at, OR Post it to the BLOG as well. We will contact you back and let you know the rules for sending it back and than receiving your free T shirt. We are also happy to send you another custom card, but with the good acid!!

HERE ARE THE IMAGES OF THE LSD Blotter TABS that are considered deadly and these following images represent CONTEST WINNERS!!

Blue Sunshine- Deadly LSD, red face over blue face.
Blue Sunshine- Deadly LSD, Red Face over Blue Face. Contest Winner. Only 3 of these exist.


Red Face over red Face, Deadly LSD, Contest Winner!!!
Red Face over Red Face, Deadly LSD, Contest Winner!!! Only 2 of these exist.


Red Face over Blue Face( which is horizontal). Deadly LSD, CONTEST WINNER!! ONLY 1 of these exist.


Blue Face over Red Face, Deadly LSD, Contest Winner.
Blue Face over Red Face, Deadly LSD, Contest Winner. Only 4 of these exist.


The custom tees are going to print in the next 2 weeks and they have been designed by graphic artist, Earl Kess, who was also responsible for much of the magic that went into this epic release. These will be limited to 50 shirts and they will also be for sale at We are still making a decision on the Black or White tees, but here are basic mock ups of both designs, largely based on the slipcover of the Blu Ray sets!

BS_black_tee BS_White_tee



If you have any questions about the contest, your blotter art or any other queries, please hit us up at



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