Blue Sunshine – Blu Ray + DVD + CD Collector’s Edition 3 Disc Set

Let’s take a look at the details of the brand new Blue Sunshine 3 Disc Set, from FilmCentrix!!

Blu Ray Special Features:

•Brand New 4k scan & restoration,with DTS-HD  Master Audio Soundtrack

•Audio Commentary with Legendary Director  Jeff Lieberman, moderated by Elijah Drenner

•Select Scene Commentary with Actor  Marc Goddard

•Theatrical Trailers scanned in High Definition (Original & Alternative Cut)

•The Locations of Blue Sunshine Featurette

•Q & A – At the Jumpcut Cafe•Vintage Classroom LSD Scare Films scanned in  High Definition

•Fantasy Film Festival with Mick Garris and  Jeff Lieberman (archival)

•Slideshow/Image Gallery

•Exclusive Interviews with Director Jeff Lieberman, Script Supervisor Sandy King,Co-star Robert Walden, and Actor Richard Crystal

Bonus Material:

•CD Soundtrack – The Original Music from The Motion Picture (written & composed by Charles Gross)

•Deluxe Liner Notes Book• Replica Press Book • Reversible Insert Card • Custom Collectible Bookmark

Blu Ray Specifications:

Main Feature – 1080p • 16×9 • 1.85:1 • DTS-HD ENG 5.1/2.0 • ENG SUBTITLES [SDH]

• 95 min • REGION A

Bonus Features – MAY NOT BE IN HIGH DEFINITION • DTS-HD 2.0 master audio • run times VARY



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